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Tips For Choosing Your First Headlamp


Headlamps are a great way to have consistent access to a light source without occupying a hand that you might need for another task. If you're in need of something to light your way or improve your visibility, this could be the perfect solution. You'll need to choose the right one for your needs, though. Here are a few things to think about as you're looking to make that first headlamp purchase.

What Kind Of Lighting Do You Need?

Headlamps are available in many different models, offering a variety of different types of light beams. You can even choose headlamps that provide you with multiple light beam choices in a single light.

For example, a wide light setting, sometimes called floodlight mode, gives you a wide net of light, though it is usually at a dimmer setting so that it isn't blindingly bright. This is great for up-close work, things you're doing in the immediate area, and general close visibility. A focused beam of a spotlight is much better for distance viewing, because the focused beam is much brighter, narrower, and longer distance than the floodlight. Red light settings are great for searches, general night vision when you don't want to disturb the animals around you, and vision preservation. The red lights are usually LEDs, and they cast a softer light.

How Bright Do You Need It?

Another consideration for your headlamp is how bright you actually need the light. Every headlamp light is rated in lumens, which refers to how much light it actually produces. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Don't waste money on something brighter than you need, because you may find that brighter lights have shorter battery life, resulting in the need to recharge it much sooner.

What Kind Of Environment Will You Be In?

You also need to think about the type of environment you'll typically use the headlamp in. If you'll be working in extremely cold, hot, or wet environments, you'll have to choose a light that's made to resist damage from these types of things. Sealed units are a great option, but you may still need something with a specific waterproof rating. Otherwise, you could end up suffering water damage just from being caught out in the rain.

These are a few of the key considerations when you're choosing a new headlamp. Keep these things in mind to help ensure that you get a unit that will actually suit your needs.


20 August 2018