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Important Care Protocol To Follow For Industrial Power Drills


Chances are, you'll rely on a power drill at some point when working in the industrial field. It can only work properly if it's maintained correctly over the years. Power drill maintenance doesn't have to be that difficult if you follow this care protocol. 

Store Appropriately 

Power drills aren't always cheap. You need to do everything you can to protect this investment, which starts with storing it appropriately. Whenever your power drill is not being used, it needs to be placed in a controlled environment like a shed or garage. This way, the elements can affect your industrial drill in the slightest. 

If you don't have a specific area to store your power drill, then there are plenty of protective cases you can purchase. Just make sure it has a weatherproof design and creates a tight seal when closed. Then, whatever temperatures and elements your drill is exposed to, the case will prevent damage.

Oil Moving Parts Regularly 

Like many other industrial devices, power drills have a lot of moving parts, including the drill itself and aircraft drill bits. These parts can experience a lot of wear and tear, so it's important to keep them lubricated as often as possible. More specifically, you need to oil the chuck. This is the part that holds your drill bits in place and rotates.

There are many different lubricants you can use on the chuck, but one of the best is a dry lubricant. It won't cause dirt and debris to collect around the chuck once it's administered. It's also easy to apply to your power drill because it comes in a spray can.

Clean After Every Use

When you drill through various materials out on the job site, leftover residues can collect on your drill. If you fail to remove these particles and substances, your power drill can start malfunctioning. This can easily be avoided by giving the power drill a thorough clean after every use.

Probably the easiest way to clean power drills is to use a portable air compressor. It sprays out air at high speeds, which can effectively remove whatever materials have collected on your power drill over time. This tool also enables you to get inside tiny crevices of your drill, ensuring every area is clean.

You may rely on a power drill for a lot of important industrial applications. As long as you follow the right care steps over the years, it should perform great for a long time. 


29 August 2018