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3 Reasons To Rely On A Trailer-Mounted Boiler


Boilers are useful in a variety of industrial settings. If your company doesn't have access to a boiler due to a mechanical failure or a postponed installation, you don't want to halt production activities while you wait for your permanent boiler to become operable. In these situations, mobile trailer-mounted boilers can be a beneficial ally.

Using a trailer-mounted boiler can provide your company with many benefits that you would have to forego if you opted to try and use a temporary boiler with a stationary design.

1. Trailer-mounted boilers can be delivered quickly.

One of the primary benefits that a trailer-mounted boiler can offer is the quick delivery of the unit from the supplier to your industrial location.

Customized trailers are constructed for each mobile boiler. These trailers meet all of the required specifications to be driven on public highways. You will not have to wait for travel permits or access to a tractor trailer if you opt to utilize a trailer-mounted boiler for your industrial needs.

2. Trailer-mounted boilers can be set up easily.

Once you have your new boiler on-site, you want to get the boiler up and running as quickly as possible. Stationary boilers require the use of a crane and rigging equipment to move the boiler unit into place. This can add significantly to the cost of your temporary boiler access.

Trailer-mounted boilers remain on their customized trailers while in use. All you have to do is drive the trailer into the proper location, secure the trailer in place, and hook up your delivery hoses to the boiler unit. Set up is quick and easy with a trailer-mounted boiler.

3. Trailer-mounted boilers are versatile.

If you are looking for maximum versatility in a temporary boiler, then a trailer-mounted boiler is your best option. These boilers feature a smaller design than most stationary boilers. This allows you to establish separate boiler systems to independently service the needs of the equipment within your manufacturing facility.

If you need more capacity than a single boiler can offer to power your equipment, then multiple trailer-mounted boilers can be connected to create any capacity you desire.

Access to a temporary boiler can mean the difference between maintaining production levels and finding yourself without the ability to meet production goals. Consider using a trailer-mounted boiler to help you meet your temporary needs in the future. For more information, contact your local equipment supplier. 


1 September 2018