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Gensets Make It Possible To Keep Cargo Cold


There are a lot of ways that large amounts of cargo can get from point A to point B. If it's going internationally, that cargo can go in shipping containers on large cargo ships. If the best way to get the cargo to its destination is overland, then trains and semi trucks are the way to do that. But not all cargo is the same, and the different kinds of cargo need to be treated differently and have different shipping needs. For example, you wouldn't deal with a truckload of frozen beef the same way that you would deal with a truckload of shoes. For one thing, you need to make sure that the frozen beef stays that way. If it defrosts, then everything in that truck is going to go bad and it turns into an enormous waste of money. You need to make sure whatever kind of container the beef is in, there is some way to make sure that it stays frozen. Gensets are the way to do that. 


The refrigeration unit on the shipping container needs to have a way to get power so that it can keep running and keep that frozen beef frozen. That's what the gensets do, provide the necessary power for refrigeration. Genset stands for generator set, and just like the generator at a house can provide power when there is no other way to get it, the genset will take over when the refrigerated shipping unit can't be attached to power from another source. The most common gensets are ones that are connected to the front of the refrigerated unit temporarily, just by clipping onto the container; this means that not every refrigerated unit will have a generator. If the unit isn't being used, then there is no point in having a genset on it, and that genset can be better used on units in need of power. Having the ability to remove the genset from the front of the container as necessary also makes it easier to store the shipping container when the unit isn't in use. There is also the option to use an underslung genset, which is connected to the chassis of whatever transportation method the unit is attached to. 

Making sure that refrigerated cargo stays refrigerated is important -- otherwise, there is a lot of money that gets wasted. A genset makes it possible for that to happen. For more information, contact companies like Genset Pool.


2 September 2018