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Storage An Issue In Your Fruit Packaging Facility? Consider Used Mezzanine Floors


The fruit business often centers on storage facilities using high-quality coolers to keep fruit in great shape for months at a time. Unfortunately, good business may put your company in a tough situation if you run out of storage room. Thankfully, used mezzanine floors can help you out here.

Storage Is An Issue In Many Fruit Facilities 

Fruit storage facilities often go in cycles depending on what fruit is in season. For example, one facility may store apples during the summer while another stores blueberries in the winter. The idea is to keep the fruit as fresh as long as possible to keep it from degrading in the environment.

However, excessive fruit orders may put your facility in a tough situation. Your coolers may be packed as much as they can be packed and result in you having to either expand your storage or suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, these can be pretty problematic if you aren't careful.

Packed Facilities Lead To Errors

Shipping errors are a serious problem that can cost you money and even destroy your reputation as a facility. And these mistakes are more likely to occur if your facility is heavily packed with fruit. These errors can cause you to send fruit to the wrong person or store certain types for too long.

When you're working in this kind of facility, accuracy, speed, and proper cooling are necessary. Without it, your customers are more likely to turn to others. As a result, it is important to improve your storage situation by adding mezzanine floors to your fruit storage facility.

How Used Mezzanines Help

Mezzanine floors are a unique storage solution because they create a completely new storage place that can be suspended in the area above your normal work floor. For example, you can add a used mezzanine floor in your storage facility to create a new and unique area to store certain types of fruit.

Just as importantly, you can easily install coolers and other items on them to avoid any type of issues with rotting. Some types of mezzanines even have controls that allow you to lift them or lower them, making it easier to get access to your fruit when you need to ship it.

So if you're running a fruit storage facility and you're worried about storage problems, seriously consider the many benefits of a used mezzanine floor. You might be surprised at how beneficial they can be for your facility and others like yours.


9 September 2018