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How To Start Learning Robotics: From Elementary School To College And Beyond


Robots have been taking over many of the jobs people were doing for years. Since robotics may one day do nearly every job humans do now, it is a fascinating and beneficial part of science and technology to learn about. In fact, you may want to learn everything there is  to know about robotics. Here is how to start learning, from preschool age to college and beyond.

Apps and Toys That Teach Programming

There are apps for kids' learning tablets that teach them basic programming. When kids use the apps to create a program that will cause a virtual robot to move a certain way, they learn how to correct mistakes as they learn. Additionally, there are toys, such as Lego Mindstorm, that give kids step-by-step instructions for building a robot and then using the accompanying app to create a program that causes their robot to move. There are many robotics toys and kits that elementary school children can play with to learn how to build and program robots.

High School Science Projects

More advanced robotics kits are sold to junior high and high school kids. These kits describe a number of ways that the kids may assemble robots, but ultimately the kids can get very creative. Then they construct complex programming for their robots and compete with other schools for trophies, prizes, and bragging rights.

In College Courses  

In college, robotics courses become much more challenging. No guidance is given. Students are expected to design, build, and write programming for their unique robotic creations. High grades are given to those that create the most unique and fully functional robots.

In the Work Force

You have reached the ultimate robotics training when your boss enrolls you in FANUC training. This robotics training teaches you how to take apart, repair, and reassemble someone else's robots, which is typically not something you learn in earlier classes on robotics. If you successfully complete FANUC training, you can take on many different types of robotics careers.

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No Time Like the Present

Regardless of your current age, there is no time like the present to begin learning about robots and robotics. There is a lot to learn, and robots are here to stay (something that could never have been said out loud fifty years ago without people laughing at you). Take a class, build a model, learn programming; these things will help you get started and understand robots going forward.


24 September 2018