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3 Reasons Flame-Resistant Clothing Is A Big Deal


Do you work in an environment that has work hazards that could cause a fire to occur? If so, you should strongly consider flame-resistant clothing to wear while you are on the job. Some individuals who are self-employed may not recognize the potential dangers they face when wearing regular uniforms or clothing at work. However, companies who have employees working under these conditions may enforce the use of flame-resistant clothing. Even then, it is possible that some employees will neglect to replace their work clothing when it is time to be replaced. This can create work hazards. The following points will help you understand why flame-resistant clothing is ideal. 

Improve Productivity

In many of these work environments, the temperatures are extremely high. Some individuals work closely to equipment that produces fire. An example would be having continuous contact with an incinerator. Flame-retardant clothing provides thermal insulation, which can make the heat more bearable. Comfort can result in working more productive work hours. 

Protection Against Injuries

Individuals who wear non-flame-resistant clothing are placing themselves at risk for numerous injuries. Regular clothing that comes in contact with a flame can result in severe injuries. It is possible for the clothing to melt into the skin. Reconstructive surgeries may also be needed to repair the damage to the skin. This can still leave some individuals with noticeable burn scars. If you work alone, this type of clothing could save your life because it has self-extinguishing features when it comes into contact with a flame. This does not mean that a burn cannot occur during use; however, it likely will not be as bad of a burn as you would expect when wearing regular work clothing.

Protection Against Other Hazards

Flame-resistant clothing can also protect you against other workplace hazards other than traditional fires. There are numerous thermal hazards that may be present in your environment. You likely have an electrical system. An electrical fire can cause serious injuries. There is also a possibility of an issue such as an arc flash occurring. This clothing can provide protection under these instances too.

A work gear clothing company is a good resource to use learn more reasons to choose flame-resistant clothing for yourself or your employees. They can help you select the right apparel based on your industry. If you are an employer, you may be legally required to enforce the use of flame-resistant clothing. A hazard analysis can help you ensure that you are compliant based on the guidelines in NFPA 706.

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28 September 2018