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5 Hand Truck Rules Of Safety To Use On Your Loading Dock


Hand trucks could be deemed one of the most useful pieces of equipment used on a loading dock. With the ability to move in multiple directions and carry several boxes or items at once, hand trucks are generally safe and efficient. However, they should be used safely. Take a look at a few necessary safety rules to use on your loading dock where hand truck operation is concerned. 

1. Place the heavier objects on the bottom of the load. 

Heavier objects on the bottom of the load will help keep the stacked load stable. If you put heavier items on top of the load, the load becomes top-heavy and can topple over easily if it is bumped or if you turn the hand truck at a sharp angle. 

2. Do a bump test on a stacked load before moving. 

Before you start moving with a hand truck that is loaded, it is best to do a light bump test to make sure the load is stable. Simply bump a hip or arm against the load once it is secured in place to ensure nothing moves. 

3. Push the load instead of pulling it. 

Pulling a load on a hand truck is possible because the piece of equipment will roll forward and backward, but it is always best to push the load instead of pulling it. If you are pulling the load, it is harder to control the speed at which the hand truck rolls, and it is easy to run the load into the back of your feet or body. Plus, it is much less strenuous to use your body weight to push the load than it is to try and pull it. 

4. Never stack items higher than eye level. 

There should be strict rules in place that employees follow when stacking a hand truck, and one of those rules should be to only stack boxes or items on the piece of equipment to lower than eye level. If the person pushing the hand truck cannot see over the load, it is risky that they will run into someone while they have a load and cause an injury. 

5. Keep hands on top of the handle instead of the side. 

Placing your hands on the sides rails of the hand truck feels natural, but even though you can technically hold the hand truck at any point on the handle, it is usually best to keep your hands closer to the top. If you push the hand truck through a tight space, your hands can be in danger of getting pinched between the load and objects at the sides.


8 October 2018