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What To Expect From A Burner Service


Oil burners are sometimes simply called burners, and they're a type of appliance used to provide heat to homes and commercial buildings. Oil burners are more efficient than gas burners and can create hotter temperatures. This means they're ideal for heating large spaces such as offices and warehouses. However, burners need to be serviced periodically to maintain maximum safety and efficiency. Here are four things you can expect from a burner service:

1. Inspect your burner.

Over time, burners can experience mechanical problems. Leaks can reduce efficiency or even start a fire if the oil that escapes is hot. Your burner serviceman will carefully inspect your burner and all its parts. They will check the blower belt, hoses, and filters for signs of wear and damage and advise you of any necessary repairs.

2. Change your air and oil filters.

Unlike other heating systems, oil burners have two filters. One filter strains sediment and other impurities from the oil before it's burned. The other filter catches debris from the heated air that is expelled from the burner. Both these filters need to be changed regularly. A clogged filter can increase the concentration of allergens and pollution in the air. It can also reduce your burner's efficiency. Your burner service will clean or replace your filters as necessary.

3. Flush your oil lines.

Oil lines are a series of hoses that carry oil through your burner's system. Over time these lines can become clogged by impurities. A clogged oil line can cause your burner to shut off if fuel isn't reaching the combustion chamber. A burner service will clear out your oil lines by flushing them. 

4. Maintain your burner's electrodes.

Burners rely on electricity to heat oil to its combustion point. If your machine's electrodes are dirty or in an improper position, your oil won't ignite, and you will be left without heat. During your maintenance service, a technician will readjust and polish your burner's electrodes so they deliver the electrical current needed for optimal function.

If you need a new heating system for your home, office, or warehouse, consider an oil burning system. A burner service can perform routine maintenance, and some full service companies will even install the burner for you. Make the switch to this all natural and economical source of home and business heating and maintain your burner by scheduling burner servicing at least once a year.


11 September 2019