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Things That Will Help Thread Gages Last


If you have thread gages in your collection of tools, keeping them in optimal condition is the best way to avoid replacements and allowing these gages to work just fine for measuring tasks with pitches. These particular steps will keep these instruments in sound shape.

Don't Let Excessive Heat Become a Factor

It might seem like thread gages are well built and most of the time, they are. Still, you want to keep them from experiencing a lot of heat at any point because that's going to manipulate their specs. For instance, a thread gage left exposed to heat for a long time probably isn't going to be as accurate to use.

If you're around environments where it is hot, find a way to keep the thread gages protected and ideally sealed off until they're needed. Don't leave them outside for the sun to cause damage. Even just for a little bit of time, too much heat can change the gage's structure pretty drastically. 

Understand Which Gages Wear Faster Than Others 

You are going to have some thread gages that just wear down faster than others. It might be because of the way they're built or the materials they're made of. It will help out a lot to identify these particular thread gages because they're going to have different maintenance requirements.

For instance, you may have to inspect these types of thread gages more because they are prone to wear and tear. You can inspect these gages more often and spot red flags before they end up affecting the pitches you're measuring with these gages. 

Buy User-Friendly Gages in Terms of Maintenance

There are maintenance steps you can perform to thread gages to get more out of them, but you also have control over how easy this maintenance is to perform. You just need to find thread gages that don't have a lot of maintenance requirements from the beginning. Any thread gage that has a coating on it for protection is going to be a lot easier to care for compared to bare thread gages. Simple cleaning and inspections could be all that you have to deal with. 

No thread gage is going to end up holding up forever, but it won't matter because you can get more than enough years out of these components with proper maintenance. Find out what this involves so that you're not at a disadvantage with these materials. 


15 June 2021