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Different Ways That Crushed Stone Is Used in the Agriculture Industry


Even though you might have used a variety of different materials when running your agricultural business, you might have never made use of crushed stone. However, crushed stone can actually be used in a variety of ways on your agricultural property. Once you start making use of crushed stone, you might come up with lots of different ways that you can use it around your property. These are a few examples of ways that crushed stone is commonly used in this industry and can potentially be used on your own agricultural property.

It Helps With Drainage Ditches

Drainage might be something that you have a hard time with all over your property. Installing drainage ditches can help a lot, but you might still struggle with dealing with the water in the drainage ditches. Adding a little bit of crushed stone to your drainage ditches can be a good way to direct the water.

It Can Be Used in Horse Pastures

Crushed stone can be useful in horse pastures for a few reasons. For one thing, it can be used for filling in holes that could pose a tripping hazard for your horses. It can also be used in areas that often get muddy. This can be a good way to make for a more pleasant home for your horses, and it can help with keeping your horses' hooves healthier, too. After all, standing in mud can cause problems for horses' hooves, but crushed stone is actually surprisingly useful for dealing with mud.

It Can Be Used for Aerating Soil for Planting

You might have never thought about the option to use crushed stone when aerating your soil so that you can prepare to plant your crops. However, mixing a small amount of crushed stone with your soil during the aeration process can be surprisingly effective and might help you have more successful crops than what you have had in the past.

It Can Be Used for Pouring Concrete Pads

There are various reasons why having concrete pads on your farming property can be a good idea. For example, you can use them for parking your tractors and other equipment. Mixing crushed stone with your concrete can make your concrete pads more durable and long-lasting.

It Can Be Mixed in With Asphalt

You might want to install asphalt driveways and walking paths throughout your farming property. If so, you might like the idea of mixing crushed stone in with the asphalt that is used for creating these asphalt paths, since this can make them more durable. Then, they will be better able to withstand the weight of heavy tractors, horses, trucks, and more.

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6 August 2021