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Maintenance Tips For Firetube Boilers


Firetube boilers are heating systems that rely on fire and tubes to generate steam. They typically are cheaper to run compared to water boilers. If your site relies on this heating system, get accustomed to the following maintenance tips.

Make Sure Treated Water Enters System

If you don't treat the water that enters your firetube boiler, what can happen is contaminants start collecting on the side of the tubes. Then proper heat generation is going to be a lot harder to achieve, causing inefficiency issues that could lead to more regular repairs.

It is thus instrumental to purchase a water treatment system that purifies water before it ends up in the firetube boiler. Then you'll have fewer issues with scale buildup and ultimately get better performance out of this heating system for a very long time.

Continue to Test Boiler Water

Even if you do set up a treatment system to take out contaminants found in the water that your firetube boiler relies on, you need to continue testing this water. You can hire a professional inspector to come out and perform this step at the right intervals.

If something is off with water purity, you can find out what contaminants are getting in and what you need to do about them moving forward. The inspector can help you make meaningful decisions so that you do the right things for the betterment of your firetube boiler system.

Replace Tubing That's Severely Rusted

If you have an older firetube boiler system, some of its tubings may have started to rust. If this is pretty severe, there isn't a repair that's worth your time. You'll just want to find replacement sections so as to get optimal heating performance from this boiler.

You just need to figure out where sections have rusted and then proceed to have professionals remove these tubing sections carefully. After new tubes are set up and inspected, your firetube boiler won't have to work as hard to produce steam for certain activities around your work site. Then you can monitor rust moving forward and respond before replacements are needed.

If you have a firetube boiler around your worksite and don't want it giving you a lot of trouble over the years, you need to pay attention to how this system performs and the condition of parts. Then you'll maximize the number of years that a firetube boiler can run. 

For more information on firetube boilers, contact a company near you.


13 January 2022