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Microtrenching Can Help Provide Internet To More People


Broadband internet doesn't reach everywhere, but there is a push to get as much broadband internet out to as many people as possible. In order to do that, some companies are laying a lot of fiber optic cable, since that cable can carry a lot of information and carry it quickly. The issue is that fiber optics need to be placed in the ground, which means that there needs to be some excavation work done. However, that can get really expensive which can add to the customer cost. There is an alternative: microtrenching.


This process involves cutting a very narrow trench that is up to about three feet deep. The trench is just a little bit wider than the conduits for the fiber optic cables. When the trench is dug, the cable can be laid and connections can be made as necessary. There are several benefits to using a microtrenching process for installing fiber optics cables. 


One benefit is that this process is a lot quicker to do than regular trenching is. Because the trench is so narrow and relatively shallow, it is dug much quicker. Once the cable is put into place, covering up the microtrench is also going to be quicker, because there just isn't as much to cover up. 

Less Disruptive

Microtrenching equipment is also going to be a lot less disruptive. Instead of having to shut down a full lane of traffic for days to dig a wide trench, lay the cable, and fill in the trench, a microtrench instead takes up much less space and can actually be placed in a sidewalk instead of along the road. It can also be less disruptive to the homeowners whose driveways the trench has to cross. They will be able to just drive across their car across the trench and get in and out of their driveway during the installation.

Less Expensive

On top of being less disruptive and quicker, microtrenching can be a less expensive process. It takes fewer workers to create a microtrench, which is going to be less expensive, to begin with; but the fact that it's quicker also means that that they are going to be able to get the work done faster, which has a big effect on your bottom line. 

Getting broadband internet out to as many people as possible is important. One way to do that is to use a microtrenching process to lay the cable. 


3 March 2022