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The Benefits Associated With A Mobile Screening Plant


A mobile screening plant is typically used in the mining or mineral processing industries. A mobile screening plant, also sometimes referred to as a sand screener, is able to sort and sift piles of dirt and sand that are placed within the screening system. This helps to sort out the rocks, stones, or minerals that are being mined or quarried. If you are considering a mobile screening plant, you may find yourself wondering what the benefits are. Here are a few of the benefits associated with mobile screening plants. 

It Can Be Transported From One Mine or Quarry to Another

Unlike a traditional screening plant, a mobile screening plant is housed in a trailer-like unit so that the screening tools can be transported from one part of the mine to another or from one location to another. This is perfect for companies that do not solely operate out of one location. This allows you to move the screening plant as you move to different mines. 

It Takes Up Less Space Than a Full-Size Screening Plant

Another benefit associated with a mobile screening plant is that they often have a much smaller footprint and take up less space at a site compared to a full-size screening plant. If the job site is small, or if there is not a lot of flat space, a mobile screening plant is perfect. It provides you the ability to sort and screen aggregate material without the space requirements of full-size machinery and screening equipment. 

You Do Not Need to Meet Building Code and Regulations for Mobile Buildings

If you are looking to construct a full-size, permanent screening plant, you have to get permits, work with building regulators, and ensure your building meets building codes. This can be time-consuming, and it does not always allow you to place the plant in the location that is most convenient for your needs. A mobile screening plant does not need to meet these same building regulations and requirements. As such, it is faster and easier to get the screening plant you need in place. 

It Is Cheaper Compared to Installing a Permanent Screening Plant

The final benefit associated with a mobile screening plant is that they are cheaper compared to installing a permanent plant. If money is tight, you may wish to simply use a mobile screening plant instead of constructing a permanent one to save money. 

There are a number of benefits associated with a mobile screening plant. Weighing the benefits associated with a mobile screening plant can help you determine if your company can benefit from a mobile screening plant or if you should invest in a larger, more permanent screening plant. 

For more information about mobile screening plants, contact a supplier near you. 


18 April 2022