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Oil-Free Air Compressors: Why Buy Them?


Oil-free air compressors use pre-lubricated cylinders or self-lubricating material instead of oil injection to keep their internal parts functioning and moving properly. They work similarly to oil-injected compressors, i.e., drawing in air, compressing it to reduce its volume, and moving it to pressurized storage tanks. The only difference is that oil-free compressors don't use oil for lubrication and cooling. The following are some benefits of choosing oil-free air compressors for various industrial projects.

They're Affordable to Buy and Maintain

When buying industrial equipment, it is essential to make cost considerations to save on operational expenses. That includes the purchase price and long-term maintenance needs. Oil-free air compressors have fewer components, resulting in lower purchase prices. Since they don't use oil, they don't require routine oil changes and aerosol removal, which involves equipment such as filters and oil separators that consume time and money. Regarding energy consumption, some models have regulators that control the amount of energy you use depending on industrial needs. That helps in minimizing energy bills. 

They're Environmentally Friendly 

Another benefit of using oil-free air compressors is their eco-friendly features. The absence of oil usage means they don't release harmful pollutants and gases which affect air quality and harm your employees. Pollution could result in future workers' compensation claims and shutdowns due to environmental concerns from the community if you're conducting large-scale operations. Moreover, if you're operating in critical industries such as food, beverage, or pharmaceuticals, oil contamination can result in poor quality products that may even harm consumers. That could result in damage to your brand reputation, legal claims, and closure of business due to failure to meet regulatory standards. Using oil-free compressors minimizes such worries.

They Offer Operational Flexibility 

Using oil-free air compressors offers operational flexibility in several ways. First, they have fewer parts which makes them very portable. That means you can use one compressor for multiple applications in different places saving you the cost of buying different specialized compressors. You can position them vertically or horizontally, depending on the space, without worrying about oil leakage. Furthermore, they require less energy to start, and you can quickly get them to operate even in freezing weather. You don't have to deal with oil's viscosity, which makes it difficult to move in freezing weather. 

They Produce Less Noise

Working around machines for a long time can result in hearing problems due to excess noise. Oil-free air compressors have lower sound levels and are an ideal choice for quieter environments. They allow you to work for longer hours without worrying about your ear health. Moreover, it helps prevent investing in hearing safety measures such as earmuffs or earplugs. 


Oil-free air compressors are an excellent choice if you're looking to save costs, protect the environment, operate flexibly, and minimize noise levels. Contact a reliable air compressor distributor for more information and to purchase quality equipment.

Talk to a dealer who sells the air compressors you're interested in, such as Quincy compressor dealers, to learn more. 


26 July 2022